Sula Merlot

After reading and hearing about nail polish you peel off, I went to check it out and was shocked how many different colors Sula [official website] has!  In addition to nail polish, they also carry an array of other products - I was a little upset I hadn't heard of them before, to be honest.  Granted, I'm still new to the whole polish scene but still!  They carry their products in the USA and Canada or you can purchase from their website, which is convenient.  They also seem to be carried in ULTA, which I have NEVER been to one.  In fact, at looking at their website, I see there is an ULTA in the mall that I go to every time I'm in San Antonio, so I'm going to have to check it out next time.  Rumor is that we're getting an ULTA at the mall closest to me as well (still 45 miles from home, but closer than 3 hours in San Antonio).

The directions for Sula are right on the bottle - apply 2-3 coats to clean, naked nails.  Avoid contact with hot water for 4 hours.  Peel off when desired.

Sounds like a win to me!  I was a little nervous about not using a base or top coat.  Now Sula has a "Clear Top & Base Coat" that they sell for $10 and they say that it can be peeled off up to 10 days later (the same claim that CND Shellac makes, the new hybrid nail polish that one day, I hope to review).  They also have a "Metallic Top Coat" for $9, but I didn't receive either one with my PR sample here.  Also Sula does say that with one of their top coats, you MAY need remover, but without the top coat, you just literally peel off the polish when you're done.

Now, it's been HOT here again.  I'm talking triple digits (today was 102).  I don't know how this is badly affecting my nail polish but at least one person says it's the humidity (more on that later).

I'm wondering if "I'm doing it wrong" because I started putting on my first coat, and the polish was applying weird.  You're supposed to wait a couple of minutes before putting on a second coat, and then wait a total of 30 minutes before you decide to peel off the polish.  But really, you can see what I'm talking about right here

See how it's streaky and bumpy?  I don't know what I did wrong.  Also, the problem with polish that is designed to peel off is that if you bump it and it "chips", the whole thing can be peeled off in one piece.  They do say that you can just fix "chips" with the color quickly and easily.

The steakyness was mostly seen on the ring finger - I don't know what I did wrong.  I'd like to try this again when I have long nails as nubbins just are harder to paint for me.  Merlot is a nice vampy red creme (all their polishes are cremes, can you imagine peeling off glitter?!) that I'm just so happy with the COLOR, now to get this application down.  I took a nap and about 5 hours later, went to peel off the polish.  You just chip a bit and then the whole thing pulls off like latex paint off a bucket - in one piece.

From their FAQ: 
Q: Will all the peeling ruin my nails?
A: No, the polish sits on top of the nail and it will not dry them out.

That was crucial for me since I can't stand the thought of scratching my nails up (it literally makes my skin crawl).

Overall, I'm excited about this line and want to try more of it.  I received another color for review that will be showing up here soon on Polish Galore. 

Sula is available on their website [official website] or check the "Where to find Sula products" [link] page to see what stores carry it near you.

Disclosure: The product[s] in this post was [were] provided to me by the company for consideration.  For more information, please read this post.