ManGlaze Hot Mess

I have to admit, I love the artwork on these babies.  Reminds me of the local band here "The Reely Rotnz" that I would jam out to as a teenager.  Two of the band members were family friends, so I felt like a VIP since I had their CDs and stuff.  Anyway.

Hot Mess is the obnoxiously awesome silver microglitter top coat in a clear base from ManGlaze.  I think "Hot Mess" is one of my favorite things to say, as well as its an awesome song by Cobra Starship.

I wanted to see how this would work over a variety of nails, so in the sun we have Hot Mess 2 coats on the pointer finger by itself.  Almost opaque but still has a bit of VNL.  Middle finger has 2 coats of Hot Mess over 2 coats of #Matte is Murder.  Ring fingers has 2 coats of Hot Mess over 2 coats of Fuggen Ugly.  Finally my pinkie has 3 coats of Hot Mess over 2 coats of Fuggen Ugly.  Which do you like best?

Shade picture:

My hands are having issues right now.  I'm working on that.  I also have a HUGE bruise on the top of my polish hand where my nurse completely mangled me with my IV last week.  Thankfully it doesn't hurt, but between that, and the other nurse who bruised my inner elbow drawing blood, I look like some kind of junkie.  Awesome.

Now, this is a glitter so I had to take my felt and scrub a bit.  I am just not patient enough to remember to PLACE the felt around my finger (and I never use foil, but I should, and will, I promise), but overall it ALL came off on the felt, no crazed microglitter on my hands for hours.  Yay!  

You can purchase ManGlaze on their website [official website].