Nail Bubbling

I thought it was just me, but I've noticed a few other bloggers having nail bubbling problems.  Sometimes I think that Deborah Lippmann herself reads my blog.  I know she doesn't, but I'm going to pretend like she does.  Or at least her assistant's assistant's doorman's wife does.  Whatever.

This email came in last Thursday all about nail bubbling.  Thanks Deborah!  However, because her text was actually a picture, I'm just going to type it out (not so thanks).  

The Bubble Trouble...
We all hate those little tiny bubbles in a manicure.  And they may not be noticeable until a few minutes after you're done.  Here are solutions to the problem.

1) Never shake your bottle of polish before use.
If you do, you'll have to wait 45 minutes or so before you using the polish.  All polish separates over time, to mix it, roll the bottle between your palms, you've probably seen your manicurist do this.

2) Applying polish before the previous coat is dry can cause bubbles.
Polish needs time to set, use thin coats (it will dry faster) and wait 2 minutes between each coat (your manicure will last longer).

3) Humidity can cause bubbles and your polish will take longer to dry.

So ends the words of Deborah.  Please note, that's straight from her email (typo included) and not my words or my advice.  I'm still trying to keep the bubbles away from my nails.  ^_^