400 Followers Giveaway! [Everyone] Winners!


I'm learning a lesson today.  People either don't like cash, or do use PayPal, or don't like PayPal.  So I've already talked to a polish company and they will be sponsoring my 500 followers giveaway (or at least part of it).  So tell your friends to join PolishGalore, so we can have a (better) giveaway!

However, to the 44 readers who DID enter my giveaway, thank you.  You had a one in 11 chance of winning!  Wee!

I have already emailed the winners to get their PayPal email address so I can send you some munnies ^_^

The winners (in random order)
5 - TropicalChrome
42 - Michaela S
18 - destany 
33 - Alisa

Please note that I need to hear back from you by 17 July, or I will choose a new winner.


  1. well whaddya know! i thought EVERYONE used paypal haha. congrats to the winners!

  2. I do know there are a LOT of people who are very unhappy with PayPal, so hey. LOL.


  3. hm, I'm with Kellie here I thought just about everyone used paypal. Either or Congrats to the winners :)

  4. Congrats to all the winners :)

  5. I emailed you back, but haven't heard anything else...I hope there's not a glitch! I'm just so thrilled - I never win anything! Thanks so much!

  6. No glitch - I sent your $10 today!