Almost Back!

Sadly, this is me last Thursday, after an exhausting day that included my (hopefully last?) IV injection. My nurse blew out not one but two veins before sticking my other hand (and that vein worked).  Yes, I was sitting at Bingo.  Yes it looks like I'm the hunchback of Notre Dame.  No real excuses - just bad posture and a very long torso that makes all tables too short for my body.

So I'm almost back - my poor hands look miserable.  I have rough, peeling cuticles, I still have paint on my knuckles and elbows (and in some of my nail beds), my nails are uneven and one was splitting this morning, and I think the arthritis is spreading to my hands or I'm just really working my hands (it's both).  I'm waiting until this house appraisal to be over with and then I'm going to be going wild with polish.  I got a phone call Saturday that my polish racks should be here this week, and I received a neat press sample from a new company and the TO DIE FOR China Glaze Halloween and Fight Like A Woman sets.  Plus I have Zoya Wicked/Wonderful that I've been dying to get to.  That, and a really Naughty company, as well as some drugstore buys.

I really do want to thank you for reading my blog.  I never thought I'd have so much online support as I do.  Last I looked, I'm just 45 readers away from 500, which I already have a special company sponsored giveaway planned - I'm excited about it at least!  Also coming up this week will be a link to the new beauty blog I now guest write for.  When the post comes out, I'll be linking everyone to it as well as explaining a little more about them.  I really do love makeup and beauty products, but my first love is still nail polish.  This way I get the best of both worlds!

Now I'm going to munch some frozen pizza... Okay, so seriously this is the BEST frozen pizza I've ever found in my life.  It's a brand called Freschetta and it was like $6 for a large pepperoni pizza.  I do add extra pepperoni on my own but the crust is SO amazingly soft and pillowly.  Oh geez.  I also love food.  Seriously.