Packing is not fun

Helmers, polish racks, clear storage boxes... we all have our way to organize our collection.  I love these spinning nail polish racks that I originally found on eBay, but turns out that the eBay user has her own website as well called Queen Nail & Beauty Supply, Inc. [official website]

This is quite an old picture of the rack, but you can see how many China Glaze polishes fit per side.

The wide sides hold 40 bottles and the narrow sides hold 30 bottles, so we're talking 140 bottles of China Glaze per spinning rack.  Considering I have ~218 bottles of China Glaze... well yeah.

So I originally had 2 of these, but I just recently ordered 3 more.  Sadly, they are on back order and I received a phone call the next morning from the company letting me know that it would be 2-4 weeks before they arrived.  I was already getting free UPS Ground shipping because of my total purchase price, so there really wasn't anything that I could do but say "okay" and wait.  I'm now on day 10 since I placed my order... it's going to be awhile.

However, some things can't wait, and currently my flimsy table that I was holding the racks on, isn't going to cut it.  Neither is keeping my nail polish in my entryway to my house (ask my friends, we all bumped into it).  So my spare bedroom which is currently occupied by boxes, will be cleaned out this weekend and a sturdy 8 foot table will be put up and I will be enjoying 5 total spinning racks before long!

I prefer the racks because you can easily see every bottle, every time.  Helmers only allow you to see the top of your bottles and you have to come up with some other kind of way to find THAT color that you wanted to wear.  Clear plastic boxes are kind of the same deal since you can only see the items on the outside of the box.

Yes, this is a very expensive route to go, considering the racks are $70/piece, but to me, it's been totally worth it. The quality of these racks are very heavy duty - and the acrylic has held up really well.  My son accidentally kicked it once and a piece broke off but I was able to super glue it back together and you can't even tell it's chipped.

My current polish count is at 556 bottles but that's not counting base coats/top coats/matte coats...  I figure with bottle size to take in account, I'll be using all 5 of those racks and be looking into a 6th before long.  Also I'm having issues on how to sort my polish.  I had them sorted by collection, then brand, but that got annoying.  Next I went for color then brand.  Now I'm thinking brand and then color.  Even though my spreadsheet is sorted by brand and then code or bar number, that would kill me if I had to move all my polishes every time I buy an "older" color.  Any thoughts?

So back to the title of this post.  I had to empty my racks today and stick all my polish in a box for moving.  I'm freaking out that they are going to break, leak, or both.  I currently also have a handbag full of 50+ polishes including my to be reviewed Zoya Wicked/Wonderful and all 3 of the Naughty Nails collections, as well as over 30 e.l.f. polishes I bought during their HUGE sale (I paid 40 cents a bottle!).

Here's the box of polishes that I had from the racks - you can see how deep the thing is

And a fun look off the top

Back in the day I learned how to fill type with an image but frankly, it didn't look so well with my preferred font or with the above picture... haha.  One day I'll show you my awesome photoshopping skills.

Well I have to get back to packing.  It's after 4 a.m. and I'm still not done...  I'm sneaking in polish swatching when I can - wish me luck!