NovaLash Eyelash Extentions

*Photo located on NovaLash's website.

On July 12th delayed until spring 2011 :(, I'm getting a complementary set of NovaLash Eyelash Extentions [official website | Facebook Page | Twitter Page] put on from Bella Bella Salon [official website], where I got my purple hair.  Whew, that's a lot of links in a sentence.

Bella Bella is going to start offering NovaLash and were giving out 5 free applications, so I snagged a spot.  This procedure costs about $300 as they apply each lash by hand and it's lash by lash.  I was told that they will fall out with my natural eyelashes, in 2-4 weeks.  I could come back in 2 weeks for a reapplication which would run about $45, or just let them fall out.  I did fail to ask what color they are using, as I've seen on their website that they have green, purple, and blue.  I'd like to stick with just black, hah.

I have a huge love/hate with fake eyelashes... love the way they look - still haven't figured out how to put them ON myself, so this is going to be awesome.  While I'm not going to stop nail polish blogging (yeah right), I am branching out a teeny tiny bit.  Later this month, I will also be reviewing beauty products for Beauty Debutante [official website] and writing as a guest blogger.  Wee!

I'm pretty excited about the whole thing, so expect a post in the coming weeks about it!  ^_^