Del Sol Sale

Color-Change Nail Polish Special
I have yet to try this brand as well but who doesn't love color changing polish?!  This changes with the sun and they have several different colors available.  Bottles do run $10 a piece so it's a little pricey but since you technically get 2 colors in one bottle, it's more like $5 a bottle.  At least, that's what I tell myself ;]

Del Sol is available on their website here.


  1. LOL, I've seen this at my drugstore but it's $10 only when its on sale. IDK if I want to try it yet though

  2. Love this's so much fun!

  3. I have a couple bottles of this stuff. definitely worth the price. My favourite colour is the "ruby slipper" It starts of as a clear polish with silver sparkles and when you go into the sun its's a beautiful red type colour. closer to pink then red. the change is fairly fast, however you need to be in direct sunlight if you want it to work well. definitely a good summer polish