Cheeky Monkey Lucky U

So, here's the deal.  Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics was super nice enough to send me a press sample of their new Spring 2010 colors, Tease, Get Wet, Booty Call and Filthy Madame.

The first time, Filthy Madame exploded  in the mail (yes, exploded) due to this insane Texas heat, and ruined Get Wet and Booty Call.  Tease was saved because she was wrapped up in a piece of tissue paper that was separate from the other three.

The second time, Booty Call was the girl to explode, covering Filthy Madame and Get Wet.  

This is when A at CMC and I got creative.  This time, she was going to put each bottle in a plastic zip lock bag, so IN CASE it exploded, it wouldn't get anywhere but the bag.  She also paid the extra expense of using UPS instead of USPS because with Customs, it was taking 10 days for my package to come to me.

So package three... third time's the charm or three strikes and you're out?

So I give up.  It was Filthy Madame again that exploded - check out the dried polish up in the top right hand corner.

However, one good thing came out of all this - which is what this blog is really about.

Coming soon to Cheeky Monkey!  

Lucky U is a metallic spearmint color with a slight pearl thing going on (or at least that's what I kept thinking).  I used a base coat of Cheeky Monkey Wet Dream, 2 coats of Lucky U and a top coat of Seche Vite.

(Boo nubbins.)
See what I mean about that metallic/pearl/PRETTY green?  It's almost like dewy grass - such a happy little color.

Goes well with all that grass I have in the background.  Hurricane Alex was slated to go anywhere from Mexico to 30 miles south of me (where my parents live), and all we ended up getting was TONS of rain.  We're still getting rain.  Anywhere from 1-5 inches a DAY.  Then we get sun.  TONS of sun.  We're talking 100+ degrees.  So guess what rain + sun = ?

MOSQUITOES.  And guess who's allergic to their bites?  Myself and my son.

Anyway, rant over.

Even in the shade, this color is amazing.  No streaking or application issues - actually the hardest thing I had to do was paint my right hand.  I've been swatching so much and staining cabinets in my BRAND NEW KITCHEN, that I haven't had a chance to wear a full manicure in over 3 weeks.  Sigh.

As soon as I get the release date on this beauty, I'll update this blog posting.  Another winner from Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics!  Additionally, and I must mention this... seriously their customer service is amazing.  I called the company directly to talk to A, and she personally answered and we chatted about what was going on with my bad luck.  She even remembered that I was remodeling my kitchen and asked about it!  How many times can you say a company REALLY cared about you?  I can think of very few, but luckily, I've had the chance to work with some amazing polish companies and it just really makes all the difference.

Cheeky Monkey can be purchased on their website [official websitefor $15 a bottle.

Disclosure: The product[s] in this post was [were] provided to me by the company for consideration.  For more information, please read this post.