Sally Hansen Platinum Chrome

While in the midst of this house remodel, my Mom came across a box of nail polish that HAD to have been mine but I don't remember ever buying any of it.  Some of them didn't have labels anymore, and all but two were still in pretty decent shape.  At least one bottle was my Mom's, I'm sure of it.  The rest... well whatever.  I know that these colors are all at LEAST 8 years old if not longer.

Sally Hansen Platinum Chrome is a pretty plain and simple - silver chrome.  As with chromes, it's pretty brush strokey but who cares when your nails are so slick?  It did STINK, a lot.  I'm not sure if this is big 3 free but I'm guessing no.

I used a base coat of Dermelect Launchpad, 2 coats of Platinum Chrome and I left my nails without a top coat this time.  I was shocked at how fast it dried (under 5 minutes), but it may have toluene in it - who knows.

Oh chrome <3

My camera didn't like this color in the shade as you can see below.

I really don't know anything else about this particular line of Chromes - I'm just glad I have my China Glaze Khromes now!