Blogs of Note

I'm officially making Sundays my Blogs Of Note day, highlighting blogs that I follow.  Most of these blogs I found just by searching the Internet, or heard from via Twitter or Facebook.  I'll highlight 3 blogs each Sunday for now - I hope you enjoy and can find some new reads too!

First blog is A Stroke of Color.  Michelle, the blog owner, has been a little busy but she was one of my first blogs to read.  She does feature a lot of Konad which I really love, but never have had the patience to master.  Her nails are normally short, so it's fun to see the designs on short nails (not quite nubbins, but close) as well as just a great paint job.

Second blog of note today is Addicted To All Things Pretty.  Krissy blogs about more than just nails, although that's her most blogged about topic.  She keeps what I would call extra long nails, definitely a length I have never been able to achieve or keep, although she calls them "smedium".  Krissy has a lot of cremes in her blog, but also features glitters and shimmers as well.

My last blog of note is Beauty Debutante.  Now I'm obviously biased to this one since I'm also one of the blog contributors, but I actually found it through Twitter originally and was just a reader.  Beauty Debutante features all things beauty from nails to skin care, shapewear, men's beauty care, and my favorite - beauty sales.  They do update every single day, so that's a lot of information but it's something different every day.

I hope you enjoy this little section of Polish Galore - I really feel that the blogging has exploded in the past 5 years, and we're all apart of a unique community.  Have a great day!