Color Club Revvvolution

The place that I bought my OPI My Private Jet, also had bottles of Color Club so not only did I want to get a bottle of Revvvolution, but I wanted to get 2 bottles.  So you imagine my surprise when I saw this.
Now, I could almost swear that my "One" bottle is much lighter than my "Two" bottle.  I even Tweeted about it and Color Club responded saying that it shouldn't happen.  Well...  ^_^

Revvvolution is a black holo which just makes my day - it's everything I love in a polish.  I used a base of Seche Natural, 2 coats of Revvvolution and no top coat.
Here in the sun, I really think that my Two is darker than my One, just like the bottles.

Holos hate shade.  But you can see in the shade that there are different base colors of black here - One is more gray.  Well, either way I still love this polish.  

Color Club is located on several etailers, including Head2Toe Beauty which has it for $3.00.  You can also Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter.


  1. i just gasped. there are 2 revvvolutions?? now I kind of want to get both of them..but I guess the only way to figure out which one I have is to compare them

  2. You know, mine is quite gray which was a huge disappointment to me. I wanted it to be that gorgeous black. I think Color Club doesn't realize there's def. 2.

  3. Wow! That's serious difference, great post!

  4. I see the difference! I don't know which one I like better. I have to go home and see what mine is!

  5. I can't decide which one I like better....both are pretty fabulous!