Zoya Spoons in Red

My UPS guy is interesting.  He never sticks around to chat, literally just puts my package on my front porch, rings the doorbell and BOLTS.  Like a high school kid.  Currently, my desk faces my front porch and due to an ... unfortunate accident of Hulk Like strength, I pulled my mini blind OUT of my window about a month ago... and never replaced it.  So when I see someone run up to my porch, hear the door bell, and then see them sprint off, I'm thinking I'm having a Family Guy moment (Season 4, Episode 7... better to just say it that way) and am slightly worried what will be at my front door.

So you can imagine my surprise and shock when I saw it was from Zoya.  I thought maybe it was my backordered items that I got last month?  No, I would have received a shipping email from them (so far, Zoya has been the best at sending me emails that detail my shipping/ordering status).  So I tore it open.


Yes Zoya, I want to spoon with you.  Badly.  I said so last night and I can't wait to say it again.  THIS is why you spoon.
Here are 6 different Zoya Reds.  I don't even KNOW which is which, because me, being the genius I am, forgot to take a picture of them laying down to get the labels.  (Smart, aren't I?)  But can you tell which one is a melon red?  Which one has gold sparkles?  What about the satin finish bottle?  I try very hard to get all my swatches (and bottle pictures!) as close to actual real life color as possible, but this right here shows you that it's not always easy!

My set of 6 spoons came in this cute case, perfect for storing your spoons flat.  However, as I mentioned last night, all the spoons have a hole in the top side, so you can easily put them on a keyring or string.  The nails stack perfectly against each other and frankly, they look awesome.

The spoons are teardrop shaped and are medium sized for nails.  While the spoon doesn't fit over my entire nail on my middle finger or thumb, it does fit well on both my index and ring fingers.  Now you can see that Carmen is a cherry red creme.

This is Zoya Jade.  Looks how you can see the glitter goodness that is just barely visible from the bottle, just POP at you on the spoon!

Now I only have one small gripe about the spoons.  The label is a clear label that contains the barcode of the bottle, the ZP number (which can help you in ordering), Zoya's name, and the actual name of the polish.  I would much rather prefer a white label with black writing, instead of a clear label, but if you just put your hand behind the spoon, you can read the name without any problems.  I was having issue with the spoons being on my wood desk and not being able to see the names through the wood grain.

Back to the spoons.  I double checked with a Zoya Fairy and it's true... if you order a spoon for 50 cents, the shipping is free AND you receive a coupon code for your 50 cents to be applied to your next purchase.  So, essentially, if you purchase 14 spoons ($7), that's the same price as a Zoya polish ($7).  Hello, no brainer here.  ^_^  Get to Zoya now and order your spoons!

Zoya [official website] can be purchased on their website for $7/bottle.

Disclosure: The product[s] in this post was [were] provided to me by the company for consideration.  For more information, please read this post.