Blogs of Note

Happy Sunday!  I have 3 more blogs for you today.

First up today is Concrete and Nail Polish.  This is run by sisters April and Ashley.  They feature a lot of blue (which I love) but also quite a bit of nail art.  I love that it's not just Konad, but also nail pens or free handed designs.

Next is Dr. Frankenpolish.  Owner Amanda mixes her own nail polish creations using her own extensive collection, as well as some pigments and embellishments.  She was featured in a NAILS magazine article here.  This was another one of the original blogs I first subscribed to, and I even purchased about $50 worth of frankening supplies because I thought "Pfft, I can do that too!"  Well, I can't do it, and I ended up actually mailing my supplies to Amanda, hah.  

Third is not a nail polish blog but actually a jewelry blog.  I came across this blog after my friend Jen of FrmHeadToToe (I'll be linking to her blog another day) modeled some DSK Jewelry and I am absolutely obsessed with all the jewelry that DSK creates using loads of Swarovski which I collect.  I haven't made a purchase yet, but with very reasonable prices and a huge client base, I'm just itching to make a purchase.