Sephora by OPI Club Scene Queen

Oh Sephora, you are my downfall.  I love you for your Urban Decay, and your Sephora by OPI, and your Kat Von D.  I pretty much buy your Sephora by OPI Mini sets all the time.  So when Rocker Chic came out, I was so happy that I wanted to buy two colors in full bottles, this is rare.

Club Scene Queen is listed as a sheer smoky grey with fine blue glitter.  However, I didn't know that when I purchased it.  I also didn't have a tester bottle when I purchased it - but went off a very enthusastic salesperson's recommendation.

Let's just say I'm not too happy with this.  I ended up using Seche Natural as my base (instead of my OPI base coat), and 3 coats of this watery dark grey base with little blue glitter polish and Seche Vite top coat.  You're lucky I suffered with 3 coats - I was ready to throw in the towel by coat 1.

This polish hates the camera too.  You can see lots of blue glitter and some of that smoky grey but really, it didn't look like this on the nail.

Here in the shade you see loads of the glitter, which is what I saw in the bottle originally.  Either way, I'm not super happy with this polish.  I think it would be much better with a base coat of CND Blackjack which I have been way too happy with - I think I need a back up.  Anyway, I digress.  

You can purchase Sephora by OPI in Sephora stores or online here for $9 a bottle.