I'm back!

Miss me?  I missed me.  Anyway, I have big things coming soon - the winner of my CSN Giveaway, my 500 Followers Giveaway, Zoya Wicked/Wonderful, Barielle Style in Argyle, more deborah lippmann, more Color Club...  It's a field day!

Bad news though, it's the start of Dove Season which is HUGE for my parents bed and breakfast and since my mom tore her rotator cup, I'm having to clean all the condos.  So bye long nails (sigh) and back to super nubbins.  I also broke a nail on my STUPID closet doors which I am totally ripping out of the house ASAP.  I'm so mad about nubbins but whatever.  At least the next several posts will be my long nails.  Oy.

Starting this Sunday, I'm going to be featuring blogs that I follow.  They don't even know that I'm featuring them, so SURPRISE!  This is just people that I enjoy reading, no paid advertisements here.  ;]  It's my new series called Blogs of Note - I hope you enjoy!

I also have some reader requests coming up - feel free to email me any time with requests.  You can look at my spreadsheet for my polishes and my email address is in the side bar as well.  Love you all!