Blogs of Note

Oops!  I kind of forgot about this today!  Here are 3 more blogs now that it's Sunday afternoon (sorry!)

First is My Simply Little Pleasures.  I was following her before I had a blog and she has been dubbed the Queen of Water Marbles and with very good reason.  Not only does she have amazing ones, but she also does tutorials (video) so you can recreate the looks.  I even have this water marble bookmarked because I love it so much.  She does have long nails which provides for a bit more design area than nubbins, but all her designs are recreate-able.

Next is Nail Art Tuesday.  Unfortunately, she's been a little busy because she's also an author (like a real book! heh).  She posts only on Tuesdays, and only nail art and it's always a step by step process so again, you can recreate it yourself!  She also has long nails.

Last today is Nail Bean.  I guess I should have called this Nail Art Sunday because this is another nail art blog, but she doesn't have tutorials or step by step and she hasn't posted much in 2011.  She has short to medium nails.

Enjoy the rest of your day!  I'm making wheat angel hair spaghetti and meatballs for the family with some Texas Toast and a fresh salad of baby spinach and spring mix.  Yum!