China Glaze LOL vs Virtual Violet

LOL on left, Virtual Violet on right

Another OMG Collection vs Tronica Collection post today as I'm making my way through now 2 boxes of unswatched but still new polishes.  I'm drowning in polish and couldn't be happier!

For this comparison I used a base coat of Seche Natural and 2 coats of polish.  As you can already see, LOL is a bit more blue than Virtual Violet, and then of course the linear holographic versus rainbow sparkle holographic.

As you can see, Virtual Violet is still super pretty.  Even better, I have this:

Now you can really tell the difference.

And a blah shade picture.  Oh shade.  You bore me.

I think my nails are just too long at this point and I'm ready to chop them all off.  They make it hard to type!

China Glaze [official website] can be found online through several etailers, including my favorite Head2Toe Beauty [official website], Sally's Beauty Supply [official website] as well asTransDesign [official website].