GOSH Holographic

So this has been my ONE polish lemming - and I was seriously willing to pay $30 on eBay just to hold this in my hands.  Now granted, it looks like "blah" in the bottle but oh man, on the nail...  Major major major thank you to Martje from **Girly - Additctions** for the swap

So I can't use any of my base coats with it - it just won't stick to my nail.  I can't wait to try the Nfu-Oh Aqua Base because I've heard it works better.

Also, this polish was slightly thick.  I added a bit of Zoya Renew and a couple more ballz to my bottle to try and make it apply better.  I did use 3 coats in order to make it nice and smooth - no top coat either.

Before I go into amazing picture details (drool), the major difference between this and China Glaze OMG is that GOSH Holographic shines EVERYWHERE - not just in the sun.  Also it's a darker silver base than OMG and radiates a brighter blue flash in its linear holo (at least, to me).


Yum.  You can even see the holo inside.

Ah geez - I'm in love.  If you want to own this beautiful color and are in the US, the best place to look would be eBay at this time.  I've contacted GOSH USA a few times, but never get an email back.  :\