essence Studio Nails

Please enjoy the following press release from Essence.

essence “STUDIO nails – better than gel nails”

Beautifully manicured nails? Without a visit to a nail salon? Easy to do at home? From now on, this is no longer just a dream! Because essence is setting new standards with its innovative range “STUDIO nails – better than gel nails”!

As a preview to the new professional range, which will be available in the standard assortment as of spring 2011, essence is already giving you the chance to test the nail salon for your home in February and March 2011. The 6-piece starter kit includes everything you need to achieve a perfect nail style – but even “better than gel nails”. Thanks to the gentle application and simple removal, your nail style is sure to be a success in a manner of moments and can be easily removed at any time – without damaging your natural nails and without the need for an UV-lamp. Simply open up the packaging and get started!

Five easy steps and less than 15 minutes to achieve a perfect studio nail look:

Step 1
It’s important to clean your nails with the essence studio nails – better than gel nails nail file before application. This will remove excess oil and dirt to ensure particularly long-lasting results. The file is available for around 1.99 €*.

Step 2
Next, select a suitable tip-size and stick it onto the tip
of your natural nails using the especially fast-drying
glue included in the set.
Nail tips around 2.99 €*.
Nail tip glue around 1.99 €*

Step 3
When the artificial tip has dried a bit, remove the little tip-handle
by moving it up and down gently. Then file the nails into the
desired shape.

Step 4

Now it’s time to use the base coat: simply apply the transparent base coat on the prepped nails. This ensures that the artificial tips and the subsequent styling have an optimal, long-lasting effect. The base coat is available for around 2.49 €*.

Step 5
And the final step is – your finish! There is a special, glossy top coat
to give your gel-nail look the perfect finishing touches and to seal
it so that it lasts longer. For an especially gorgeous look, apply two
coats. So head for your polish and you’re done!
Top coat around 2.49 €*.
Nail tip remover around 2.49 €*.

The limited starter kit for the essence "STUDIO nails – better than gel nails" range will be available in stores in February and March 2011. Around 9.99 €*.

PLEASE NOTE: As of March 2011, the products from the new essence "STUDIO nails – better than gel nails" range will also be available individually in the standard product assortment!