411 from OPI

Today on Facebook, OPI made an announcement /correction to their previously released information.

We have a correction to make. We've been informing you that you can not use thinner in glitter lacquers for some time. This was misinformation that we sadly passed on to all of you. After speaking further w/ our tech team and those in development, we're happy to tell you that if your glitter lacquers are getting think, you can add 2-3 drops of thinner to help them out! We sincerely apologize for the confusion.
Good to know!   Even better, further down in the comments, they mentioned you can also use thinner in the Black Shatter which I've noticed has gotten a bit clumpy in my bottle.  I normally wipe the neck down with remover (never getting any in the bottle) because that gunks up, but it's good to know I can do it in the polish itself as well.

Do NOT use acetone or nail polish remover to thin polish.  It will destroy your polish as remover is designed to remove polish, not thin the consistancy.  You can pick up thinner at beauty supply stores.  I have a bottle of generic brand, Zoya has an item called Renew in their Color Lock System that I use for Zoya polishes and Seche Restore works in Seche Vite and I've used it in China Glaze Glitters as well.  Anywho, just a little information update for you!  Enjoy!