Blogs of Note

Oh it's Sunday again.  Seriously the weeks are flying by for me.  As a note, the blogs that I post are ones that I follow... I'm always looking for more blogs to follow so yes, you can email me your blog - I'm currently going through all the ones I follow and then I'll be making a "second round" haha, so to speak.

First today is Nikki's Nails.  Medium length nails, loads of polish, some frankens and some nail art?  Winner!

Next is Nixxy's Nails.  Not only does she have great commentary with her medium length nails but one word is why you should visit her blog - mwciltrmnd.  Go.

Last today is Oooh, Shinies!  Another medium length nails, more nail art!  These are three awesome blogs this week - please do go check them out!