Public Apology

This evening over Twitter, I posted a picture of a woman along with a comment about her size that was inappropriate and ill placed.  As someone who has been medically told "lose 70 pounds", I don't like seeing people who are embracing being overweight, but frankly, this is not my soapbox to talk about weight issues.  What I did was wrong, mean and rude.

I am never above apologizing when I'm wrong, and doing what is necessary to try to make things right.  Not only did I push some people further away, I lost some blogging contacts in the process.

To those who saw and were affected by it, I am sorry and do apologize.  I do not condone bullying and it was not my intent to appear to be bullying another.  Thank you.


  1. I respect you for your ability to own your actions..I have followed your blog for quite awhile and will continue to do so no matter what.

  2. For real. We all word vomit now and then and you're an amazing person for considering others feelings even and especially after the fact (its harder!!). You're a great person and we know that, you know that, and bottom line - people will always be offended by everything. Lol. You considered how they felt and went out on a limb...applause.

  3. Takes a strong woman to admit she was wrong
    Stacie xoxox

  4. Mad respect for owning your actions. Wish there were a few more people willing to do that around here.