China Glaze Liquid Leather

So as I'm running low on my CND Blackjack (my first bottle of nail polish to have emptied!), I decided to pull another black that I have - China Glaze Liquid Leather from the Core Line.  This is just a simple black creme - a little watery for me... but it is still opaque.  

I used a base coat of Seche Natural, 2 thick coats of Liquid Leather and a top of Seche Vite.  When I was making my pick for this color, it took 4 thin coats of Liquid Leather to cover the nail and it still wasn't as opaque as my CND Blackjack,  but again on the nail, it was only two.

Granted, I have a coat of Seche Vite over this but look how shiny this color is!  As far as the "watery" goes, check near the cuticles, especially on my ring and pinkie finger - you can just barely see the nail under the polish.

In the shade, it's all about reflecting everything (mainly, my camera and my fingers, haha).  I don't wear black alone - I always tend to pair it with something like a sheer shimmer or glitter or flakie.

Indoors with the flash and well, this picture just kind of makes everything run into each other... bottle, nails... whatever.  :P

China Glaze can be found online through several etailers, including my favorite Head2Toe BeautySally's Beauty Supply, and TransDesign.