Zoya Cola

Secret - I LOVE Dublin Dr Pepper.  I literally buy a case every time I have the chance to.  When I'd order online, I'd get it from Old Doc's Soda Shop.  They are having their 120th Birthday Celebration on Saturday, June 11th, and I REALLY wish I could go, but the 370 miles is a bit much of a drive (about 6.5 hours).  Oh Texas, WHY do you have to be so big?!

Back to the polish!  Cola is a "desert sand red creme" from the Wonderful side of the Fall 2010 Wicked/Wonderful Zoya collection.  I'm determined to blast through these beauties (and this is the last from the Wonderful side), but I have to say, they had a LOT of reds in this collection - 9 out of 12.  It was very overwhelming to me at the time, but honestly, each one was different!  I used a base coat of Zoya Get Even, 2 coats of Cola and a top of Zoya Armor.

Boo clouds.  You really see a lot of the brown but there's a bit of red poking out especially on the pinkie finger.

Same story in the shade, to be honest - just not a very exciting color for me.

Now here's the killer - check out this color indoors with the flash - streak city!  I don't get it, it looked so nice above!  I guess three coats would be better for this one.

Zoya can be purchased on their website for $8/bottle.

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