Nail Files "Walter's Nominated for a Grammy!" Breakdown

Image from TV Guide Network's Facebook Page

Episode 3 aired tonight, and after the premier and 2nd episode last week, I read a lot of reviews, both good and bad.  This is reality TV and while the cameras are filming a TON of footage (multiple camera angles, multiple shots, etc), they have to cut it way down to 30 minutes.  They are going to show a lot of drama filled moments and out of sequence moments.  They have to make this entertaining you know!  I don't think one person is really thinking that all nail salons in America are run this way, and likewise, not all things that Katie does are "that" over the top.  Melissa from the Daily Nail got the opportunity to meet up with Katie last week and had nothing but great things to say.  Check it out here!

Walter, Katie's fiancĂ© starts off bringing Katie some coffee in bed.  Hello, I want one of those.  :]  So Walter is nominated for a Grammy for his work on Kenny G's album (wonder if he helped out with Uncle Kenny's cameo with Katy Perry's T.G.I.F. video).  Katie heads over to the salon and informs everyone that Becky quit before going over to get a dress made for the Grammys.

With a $12k sticker shock, Katie is able to get the designers to loan her a dress for the red carpet.  It's definitely a lot about who you know in this business, and she definitely knows some good people.

Back in the Painted Nail, no one can find anything now that Becky is gone.  Are you surprised?  I really do hate how Becky left without any kind of notice or warning... it definitely puts everyone in a sore spot.  Note to all, never leave a job that unprofessionally but especially tend to avoid it when you're on national television.

Katie ends up hiring an organizer (and randomly finding a hammer in a drawer) to help get everything in order.  I was seriously about to make a joke about Hoarders before Katie just did.  I was pretty happy about her until she mentioned LifeLock.  Now, I'm not a fan of LifeLock (you can check out some information on Wikipedia here) but hey, if it works for her, yay.  (For the record, I use Citi IdentityMonitor.)  However, Katrina (the organizer) has done a great job at labeling everything and putting everything in color coded bins, boxes and folders, so despite me not liking her choice of fraud monitoring, she's done a good job.

While Katrina was organizing her heart out, Katie went to Martin Katz, the jeweler to the stars, so Katie could borrow some jewelry.  Holy cow, can I tell you how amazingly beautiful all the items were?  Her bracelet was almost the price of my house (as she also mentioned), so yeah - kinda cra cra.

Grammy Day!  Katie apparently isn't the most timely person (and especially with an entire television crew behind you).  She gets her hair and makeup done (and another crack about being on the Jersey Shore) and then forgets her nails.   She uses a machine that prints an image ONTO her nails.  Okay, so Barbie makes a version of this for $150, but I have got to know what she has!

Katie gets her dress, puts on her shoes, gets her purse, brushes her teeth, oh yeah and the limo is honking away (and can't make it up her driveway, go figure) while Walter is calming saying "let's GO."  By the way, Walter has dropped 45 pounds - which is awesome!

I've been in a limo once in my life, but mine didn't have a bottle of champagne.  Katie's does!  A-List stars are all over (remember Gaga in that egg?) and Katie is in Heaven.  This is what she was hoping for at Sundance so I'm glad she finally got it.

By the way, did you see who was interviewing Katie and Walter for TV Guide?  Oh yes, it was runner up from the 1st American Idol - Justin Guarini.  How's that for obscure reference?  I felt like an episode of Family Guy.

So sadly, Walter didn't win, but hey he's got 2 Grammys sitting at the house - pssh.  I can totally relate to Katie's excitement.  One day, I'll get to watch myself on TV, I'm sure of it, and you better believe I'll be just as freaking excited.

Coming up - the Jersey Shores girls will be coming in, a Traditional Russian Gypsy, dogs pooing on the floor (and doing it?), more drama and problems, OSCARS!  For a reality show junkie, this is a great fit into my routine. 

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