Nail Files "Sundance is a Big Deal" Breakdown

Image from TV Guide Network's Facebook Page

Continuing with the crazy driver from the last episode, Katie demands to have the car pulled over and when the replacement driver shows up, turns out their original driver isn't crazy... he's in a diabetic coma.  LOVELY.  One granola bar and several apologies later, and the incident has been cast aside.  At this point, they have missed their flight to Sundance, and Katie is frantically calling the airlines.  Surprise!  She gets on the last plane (of course!). 

Back in the shop, Nichole is living it up with the other nail techs - wine, music, dancing, party!  She also tries to get the answering machine to work...  Oh those tricky answering machines!

Back to Katie and Amy, in the snow, in Utah, and here's some good news - the room they booked (I think it's the one they booked?) is awesome.  It even has a hot tub!  Katie starts getting her displays ready for the plethora of celebrities she's been expecting but instead it's more like the random locals.  Ralina, Katie's publicist swears that Toby Maguire is around but Katie's not seeing anyone that would have a page on IMDB.  Clearly upset (and probably several thousands of dollars in the hole at this point), Amy and Katie jump in the hot tub.

Later, Haley Duff tweeted about naming a polish with her sister for Katie and it's been RTed over 3000 times already.  Ralina who?  The power of Twitter strikes again.

One commercial break later, and Katie is back in the arms of her beloved and ready to get back to work.  She arrives and Too $hort walks in (rapper) and Katie ends up rapping it up about boobs while making her booty clap there on the floor.

For half a second, I thought Tabatha Coffey was going to walk in and bust Katie's butt.

Back to Katie's home life and Walter has been nominated for a Grammy for his work on Kenny G's album. On top of her husband's success, it also means that Katie is going to the Grammys!  On her way to see Ralina, Katie calls the salon to hear that the number is disconnected.  A call to Becky shows that Becky was "waiting on authorization from Katie to pay the bill."  Really Becky?  I mean, don't you think you need to get authorization before the deadline so you don't get disconnected?

Ralina and Katie are not seeing eye to eye about Sundance.  Ralina thinks that everything went great, and Katie felt like it was a waste of time and money.  While they are sitting there talking, Katie gets two great text messages... "The power is out."  "The water is off."  Guess what?  Bills weren't paid.  Again.

Katie lets Becky off the hook for this $5,000 "mistake" of not paying bills only to get a nasty surprise when Becky texts Katie to see if they can talk.  When Katie decides to just call real quick, Becky quits.  (By the way, Katie has a lovely accent nail of silver with her other nails being blue.)  Outside, Katie breaks down again to Walter and like her Superman, he reassures her once again that things will be okay.

Up next week: It's Walter's big night at the Grammys and Katie isn't ready.  Girl needs a mani!  (Oh, and a new custom created dress.  Holla.)

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