Zoya Edyta

The last on the list of Zoya's 2010 Fall Collection Wicked and Wonderful is Edyta, a fern green sparkling metallic.  I've said before, I feel like this is Crystal's older sister... same swirling glass fleck.  :]

I used a base coat of Zoya Get Even, 2 coats of polish and a top coat of Zoya Armor.  Formula was a dream.

Bare with me - this is a very dark green - it looks almost swampy on the nail in the sunlight.

Same story in the shade though really - the prettiest picture is the bottle... that is what it looks like on the nail in certain lights - promise!

Indoors with the flash - you can see the blue and gold micro shimmer/glitter/glass fleck goodness.

Actually took this picture by accident - the flash didn't go off... but you can finally see the moss/fern green color without all the swirling gold/blue specks.  A very unique color that I don't really like for summer but is amazing in the fall/winter.  I also used this in my Christmas Manicure last year.

Zoya can be purchased on their website for $8/bottle.

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