Cult Nails Quench

While I was trying to find a perfect red to layer some awesome upcoming red glitters, I figured that Cult Nails Quench had to be the best red in my stash.  I know Maria (creator of Cult Nails) wasn't going to just put out any old red, so I was excited to finally put it on.  LOOK how that bottle glows up there!

I used a base of Duri Rejuvacote, 2 coats of polish and a top of CND Air Dry.  The formula was a bit sparse on the first coat, but the second coat smoothed it all out and made it super perfect.  I don't know how she constantly does that with her formula, but she has consistently with all the polishes I've tried!

In the sun, this polish is hot hot hot!  I finally figured out what's up with my index finger - my nail is just thin.  That's why it never looks "polished" well - too thin of a nail!  So I'm totally calling Quench a jelly - it's so pretty and squishy!

In the shade, this color appears a little darker, but it's really a true pigmented red - kind of like OCC's Lip Tar  "NSFW".  Bold and in your face!

Indoors with the flash and you can see that it's not just my index fingernail that is thin - most of them are.  Duri has kept them from breaking but they are still thin.  At least they aren't splitting or peeling.

If you haven't purchased Quench, what are you waiting for?

Cult Nails available in their shop for $12 a bottle or now you can purchase from Overall Beauty.  You can like Cult Nails on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.  Once they reach 5,000 Likes on Facebook, Maria will be offering all polishes for only $5!