Overall Beauty Sneak Peek

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Today, I had an awesome mail day.  I normally wait for my mail lady like a kid on Christmas Day, but since I knew I had this package coming from Overall Beauty, I was REALLY excited when she pulled up to my house today.  I originally placed an order on 5 January for Glitter Gal Light As A Feather (original 0.3 fl oz bottle/$14), a-england Lady of the Lake and Tristam ($12/each), and then from Kim at Overall Beauty Minerals, I wanted to try her Road to Nowhere Collection samples ($12) and Your Majesty sample ($1.50).

Overall Beauty Minerals is her own brand of eye shadows.  Currently, she is reformatting her greens/purples/blues to make them all natural so some items you see above are no longer available.  Her colors are pure mineral pigment and no fillers.  Overall Beauty Minerals are animal cruelty free.

Like I said, I originally orders the Road to Nowhere Collection which was Going Nowhere, Road Rage, Deadend Street, 100 Miles To Go, Wrong Turn, Yeah I'm Lost, Area 51 and Last Exit.  When I ordered them, Area 51 (a glittery green/grey from the picture) was no longer available.

Photo courtesy of Overall Beauty

Additionally, Your Majesty is no longer available but she was able to include it in my order.  This is a beautiful shimmery lavender purple that has a bit of a light blue tint to it.  Brooke from Blushing Noir has an amazing post here of her swatches.

Now, I cannot speak about Overall Beauty's shipping because I ordered KNOWING that my order wouldn't be shipped immediately, which is why there was such a long time between my order date and ship date.  However, when the order was shipped, it arrived with all items in heavy bubble wrap (to prevent breaking or spilling), then sealed in a bubble envelope and THEN sealed in a flat rate envelope.  Because my order was over $50 USD, I did have free shipping.  (For the record, Kim offered to ship my eye shadows immediately and then ship the nail polishes to me when they arrived at no extra cost to me, but I told her I could wait for everything.)

Now, I know you see extra colors up there in my eye shadows.  Because I ordered the Road to Nowhere collection, Kim added a brand new color called Polished, a silver that is in the same vein as RtN, and also With A Twist, a lavender that is now being offered since Your Majesty has been discontinued.  She also sneaked in Mermaid's Hair (a light green) which I'm excited to check out.  I was super impressed to see that each one is sealed in plastic with a perforated tab so you know that no product has leaked out or been used before.

I will be swatching these over primer when I get some sun outside so you can see what they look like.  I've been obsessed with pigments for awhile and now I feel like if I blog about them, I can justify the fact that I have so many of them.  Seriously, it's sicking sometimes...

Overall Beauty [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter] sells their own line of mineral makeup as well as many other brands to include a-england, BB Couture, Ozotic, piCture pOlish, Cult Nails, Dazzle Dry, Glitter Gal 3D, and much more!