Julep Trina

I became a Julep Maven back in August when the program started.  Now I'll be brutally honest, their Maven program has had some errors... first the referral system was not working and while they did offer ALL Maven's a free box one month ($20 savings for the user), not all were happy with that apology.  There have been other issues with their PR writing a blog posting using blogger pictures that were not credited.  That is a huge unspoken NO in the blogging world as bloggers work hard to photograph and edit their pictures and then to not be credited was very frustrating.  For the record, I was not one of the bloggers whose pictures were used, but I did recognize some of the nails.  They have also changed their referral system from $15 store credit to a point type system.  Your friend has to remained enrolled for 30 days after their first Maven box for you to get your 1 credit.  After 2 credits, you get a free box.  I know that they were also offering Maven boxes for 1 cent using the code SHAREON, but I do not know if that offer is still valid.  Please note that the above Julep link is linked to my referral link, and if you join the Maven program using my link, I will get 1 credit providing the above was adhered to.  Oh and finally, I learned that my blog was being used in a court case against Julep because they are using the same "naming" system as Zoya Nail Polish - using women names for their polishes.  Last I heard the court case is still pending.

That being said, I haven't had any personal problems.  My box changes have always gone through without any issue (you can change what kind of box you receive), I haven't had any charging issues (once had 2 pre-authorizations but only one charge), haven't had any shipping issues, and I'm really happy with the way that people who go into the salon, are treated (they have salons in Seattle).  

Enough about that, let's get to the polish.  Trina is a shimmery deep aubergine (eggplant) from the November "Polish Lover" box.  I'm originally an "American Beauty" Maven boxer (heh), but I couldn't resist switching to the Polish Lover that month (3 polishes, no other beauty products).  Please note in my bottle picture that the top of the polish does come off like Chanel, Illamasqua or Dr.'s REMEDY to reveal a smaller round handle, but it's not necessary for polishing.

I used the Julep Base Coat ($14), 1 coat of Trina and a top of CND Air Dry.  I do have the Julep Fast Dry Topcoat but couldn't find it when polishing my nails.  This polish was so super thick that I'm going to have to add some thinner.  I had to wipe my brush several times.

Here in the sun you can see how deep of a color this is.  I really like that while it's a dark plum, it doesn't have the red and blue sparkles that you typically see in colors like this (think China Glaze Let's Groove).

The shade just kinda is "ick"... the color is so dark that it doesn't translate well on camera.  It's a great fall color and I always love darker color on shorter nails.  I don't see me pulling this one out too many times this year though.

Finally indoors with the flash and you can see how pretty this purple truly is, but it is just a bit dark for me.  Vampy purples aren't really my thing, but this is a pretty one!  Just thick formula'ed.

You can purchase Trina on Julep's website for $14.

Julep is available on their website for $14 a bottle.  You can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.