How To Remove Glitter Nail Polish

Glitter nail polish: It's BEAUTIFUL but yes, it's a pain to remove!  I used to be one who would take pure acetone and stick my fingers in it, leaving me with cold wrinkled fingers that were very dried out.  I also would attempt to take a little cotton wipe and scrub*scrub*scrub my nails until I could scrape it all off.  I've even peeled glitter polish off before (do not do this.)  Then, one day, I read about the foil method.

Now many a blogger has their method, their tools, their tricks.  This is simply the way I've been doing it.  :]

-Zoya Remove+.  This is step "1" in the Zoya Color Lock system.  It's a mild acetone remover with a pleasant lavender scent.  I also adore the plunger top, which allows you to get the remover just where you want it.  You can also relock the bottle's lid for travel or storage.
-Felt.  I bought mine at Hobby Lobby - I'm using white as I'm not sure how acetone and dyed felt react.
-Aluminum foil.  Just a square will do - you'll be crumpling it up as you go.

I like to use 2 pumps of Remove+ straight on my square of felt and then wrap the felt around my finger tip.  This allows for all the remover to be on your nail, not your skin.

Next, wrap a square of aluminum foil around your finger.  Wrap as tightly as you can so there is some pressure on the felt.

Do the rest of your fingers on one hand.  After the last finger, wait a good 5 minutes before attempting to remove.  Yes I know this part is boring.  Do it anyway.

I like to unwrap the foil from my finger, and then pressing down on the felt, pull it off my finger.

Fold over the felt and remove any glitter that didn't come off in the initial slide of the felt.  Providing you covered your nail in felt, it will be easy to remove.

Finally, treat your nails to a cuticle oil of your choice.  I'm using Julep Essential Cuticle Oil from my September American Beauty Julep Maven box. [Julep referral link]

Ta da!  Hopefully this makes your glitter wearing a bit more bearable!