deborah lippmann Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

I have been obsessed with deborah lippmann's Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? since it was first spotted in mid-February 2011 during Fashion Week.  The working title was "jessica rabbit", but as you know, Deborah names her polishes after songs.  This is a large hexagonal glitter in a clear base.

On my pinkie and ring fingers, I have a base coat of Duri Rejuvacote, 2 coats of polish and a top of CND Air Dry.  On my middle and index fingers, I've added a base of Cult Nails Quench.

Now, Deborah had said during her group interview that I was in, that all her polishes are designed as 2 coaters, so that's why I used 2 coats.  Granted, I love this SO MUCH MORE over an existing red creme, because on the bare nail, it reminds me too much of a really bad case of chicken pox (sorry!).  Well, really, of shingles (which I had in my early 20s).

Forget anything else, go buy this polish because of how awesome it looks in the shade.  Yes.  Go.  Post done.

Okay fine, here's indoors with the flash - not as gorgeous, but still, I'm in love with this polish.  What a way to start 2012!  This is a limited edition shade, but you may still be able to pick it up in stores.

deborah lippmann [official website] sells for $18 a bottle.  You can also Like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.


  1. I would definately only use this as a layering polish - I think you could get the effect with loose glitter maybe too?

  2. Oh God, it totally looks like chicken pox! I was expecting it to have a more opaque base. It looks great over Quench, though! And I really love Lacquistry's franken take on it, Jessica Rabbit.

  3. It looks so incomplete without a red base. :/

  4. I remember those promo images of the pretty models wearing it! It caused insta-lemming for me, lol! XD

    I would never ever wear this without a base color. But omg it looks so super gorgeous over a red base! So glowy! *swoons* it dupe-y for Diamond Cosmetics Chunky Red?