Nail Files "Jersey Shore Up In The Painted Nail" Breakdown

I'm a bit behind in finishing my breakdowns of season 1 of Nail Files... after meeting Katie in July at Cosmoprof, I felt like my life was complete.  Okay, not complete - I still need to get a pedicure down at the Painted Nail... but still!  

So after a sleepless night, I decided to clear out my DVR queue and realized I still had 4 episodes of this awesome wonderful show!  There has been zero word from TV Guide if or when a season 2 would air, so I'm not sure what's going on there.  Time to beat on the Facebook Wall of TV Guide Network!!!

In this episode, we had so much happening.  First, the girls from the Jersey Shore dropped in.  Considering that their reality shows are produced by the same SallyAnn Salsano, I'm not very surprised.  The Jersey girls hold nothing back from sex tips using Jolly Ranchers to toe licking (equally ew).

They did raise a great point though - where else can someone have such a relaxing experience?!  Not just the whole cocktails idea, but just a relaxing spa experience, and especially for the right price.

Walter Time!  I really want to meet him, just because he reminds me a cuddly teddy bear.

Tina.  Tina!  I think Tina has succumbed to Reality Show Syndrome.  She's single-handedly decided to "Save the Salon" from reality show drama.  Um fail!

So - next we had Amy's dog party.  Now, I think Amy is amazing - Katie raved about her baking, many times.  (Hey Katie, glad you enjoyed the funfetti!  I'll keep note of my raincheck for my nails!)  In case you didn't know, Amy has started her own bakery, Brown Sugar Marketplace - you can Like her on Facebook now!

More Tina drama as the episode continues.  I feel so bad for Nichole, the store manager.  She's really stuck in such a crap place.

Now I've never personally witnessed the drama that Tina has self-produced but holy cow.  The fake email, the fake clients... crazy doesn't begin to explain it!

By the way, I absolutely LOVE the rainbow organization of Katie's nubar polishes!

Back to Walter Time and Katie's attempting to bake.  dun dun dun!  Call on Amy!  (If she ever ships her cupcakes, I'm getting a dozen.  I just asked her if her cookies are available... I hope they are because they are extremely affordable.  Let's just say I spent a little over $200 on cookies as thank you gifts and well, my wallet isn't happy!)

Over to the Zoom Room for Austin's birthday party - that's Amy's 8 year old dog by the way.  They have gone all out - red carpet, pictures, podicures (polish), celebrity dogs.  Oh.  And humping dogs, and poo on the floor.  (Sorry friends, but I'm a cat person for sure.)

Back at the salon, cue the dramatic music because Tina has walked in!  This girl wants some serious camera time!  Okay, so it may not be as dramatic as I'm saying.  Reality shows need to show the "best" moments, and by best I mean the ones that you sit on the edge of your seat to watch.  (I have a degree in TV, really, so I feel qualified to say this ^_^).  Katie was pissed though - you can tell.  Oh, and then Tina resigns and gets haughty.  That's pretty real right there.

By the way, Katie does NOT act like she's perfect.  Hanging around her at Cosmoprof for the time that I did, really showed me how down to earth she is.  We even had this awesome little disaster at a restaurant and Katie was cool and calm about it - didn't complain at all (even when they overcharged her because somehow we miscalculated the cash we left behind).

Next week is the Oscars - which I've watched and will have the breakdown coming!