RUSK at the Golden Globes!

Did you watch the Golden Globes?  I fought it for awhile before I realized that I didn't understand what people were saying on my Twitter timeline anymore, so I decided to finally turn it on... and eventually turned it off.  While most beauty friends of mine were gushing over Zooey Deschanel's Tuxedo Nails (yours truly included), there were many more red carpet beauty finds including Nancy O'Dell's loose bun.  Please enjoy the following "how to" from Rusk!

Image courtesy of Y Public Relations
For a long night of chatting with Hollywood royalty at the Golden Globe Awards, Entertainment Tonight Host Nancy O'Dell needed a chic and elegant hair style that would stay in place.  O'Dell's stylist Heather Haynes opted for a loose bun – an easy-to-create style she suggests for any red carpet wanna-be: 

STEP 1: Haynes began by spraying a generous amount of Rusk's Thick Body and Texture Amplifier throughout Nancy's towel dried hair, with emphasis on the root – particularly at the crown of the head.  

STEP 2: As she blew out Nancy's hair, the thickening spray helped create body and volume.  Haynes blew out the hair in sections, using a round, boar bristle brush and again, paying close attention to the root to emphasize volume.  

STEP 3: Once Nancy's hair was dry, Haynes used a dime sized amount of Rusk's Deepshine Oil – spreading it evenly throughout the hair.  If you suffer from dry or split ends, it's best to use additional oil on the ends – this will condition the hair and eliminate frizz.  

STEP 4: Haynes created a simple side part and swept Nancy's hair into a high, loose pony tail – making sure to leave enough volume at the crown of the head.  She then tucked the loose hair from the pony tail under, securing with bobby pins to create a neat bun.  

Image courtesy of Y Public Relations
STEP 5: For the quick finishing touch – Haynes sprayed a misting of Rusk's Deepshine Oil Finishing Hairspray around the entire look.  This formula is perfect for combatting flyways and frizz that can creep up during a long night on the red carpet.
Image courtesy of Y Public Relations