CND Additives

So the #1 complaint I've heard about CND Shellac is that "there aren't enough colors."  Well, this summer, CND came out with 12 pure cosmetic-grade pigments that can be layered over CND Shellac or mixed into gels or acrylics.  Now you're only limited by imagination.  I tried to go play with these while at Cosmoprof, but as luck would have it, the Additives got locked behind a closed door meeting when I showed up.  Instead, I have the pretty press release!  CND Additives are only sold to professionals, so ask your salon when they are getting them for your next CND Shellac manicure!

Ask for ADDITIVES! CND Introduces ‘‘Additives’’ for No-Limits Artistry at the Nail Salon

July 2012 --- CND introduces an exciting new way to achieve the ultimate nail artistry at your local salon -- Additives. This vibrant collection of 12 pure cosmetic-grade pigments enhances any manicure or pedicure and can be layered over CND Shellac™ or mixed into gels or acrylics, making your nails truly unforgettable. Sophisticated, runway-inspired and chic, Additives are fashion’s hottest way to redefine "nail art." 

"Women like to make statements with their nails. CND Additives let you explore the inventive and personalized world of nail art. Prepare for your nails to get noticed in a whole new way!’’ says CND Co-Founder, Jan Arnold

Now, nail addicts can experience an even more valuable, creative and customized service with CND Additives signature colors, textures and finishes. Ombre, opalescent glass, sparkling finish, nearly neon --- there are infinite possibilities!

CND Additives are a professional-only product launching in salons globally in July 2012.