Revlon Orbit

So I had heard through the grapevine that Revlon came out with some "dual ended flakies" but had yet to see them in my local stores.  The other day, I was feeling down, so the fiancĂ© took me down to my local Walgreens, and there they were - very picked over, but they were there.  I grabbed one of each and went to the register and paid before really even paying attention to what happened.

Obviously.  Note the black in the center?  That's from someone putting this brush into the purple side (which is a very dark purple, despite what the picture shows) and THEN putting it back into the flakies side.  Also, notice how EMPTY my bottle is?  I'm really kicking myself that I didn't walk back in and say "Take this back."  Revlon did not have any kind of tamper resistant seal (what nail polish company does?), but let's just say my sails were deflating fast on the "Moon Candy" train.

So the concept is simple.  Paint your nails with the side marked "1", which is the solid creme color.  Let it dry and them paint your nail with the side marked "2" - the flakie.  This is Orbit which is a dark purple creme on one side and a shredded blue and purple flakie in a light purple base.  To be honest, it looks like the flakie shreds bled off into the base, but I don't know that for sure.

I used a base of Poshe, 1 coat of polish from each side, and topped with Seche Vite.  After doing my pinkie and ring finger with the purple, I decided to switch to Sephora black for my middle and pointer fingers.

Can you tell the difference in the black and the purple?  Yes, I can but barely.  I was NOT impressed with the purple creme at all, and that's saying something considering how much I LOVE purple.  It was way too dark for me, but did cover well.

In the shade, you can see the shredded flakie a bit better.  I wasn't too thrilled that the flakie was so hard to apply.  The base that it sits in was very thick, like a suspension base, and globbed a bit on my nail.  Now, I'm not sure if this is typical of the product or if someone messed mine up when they were obviously painting their nails in the store and used up 25% of the bottle.

Indirect sun shows that again, the flakie isn't that strong but does have a green/blue/purple shift and you might be able to tell that it's definitely not smooth either.  Considering what I've seen from companies like Nfu-Oh, Nails Inc and even China Glaze, this product does NOT fit the bill.

I paid $8 for this "Nail Art" which is about $4 a side.  There is no way I can justify paying $8 for this.  I'm so mad that I want to take the others back and say "Never mind."  However, I can't find my receipt so I guess this is one that I get to eat the cost of.

PS: None of this review is related to what's been going on with the Revlon/Sinful Colors picture debacle.  I just feel this is a crappy product.  I can't even find it listed on Revlon's website.

Revlon [Website | Facebook | Twitter] can be found in several grocery and drug stores - price may vary from $3-5 but the Moon Candy polishes were $8.