Cult Nails Nevermore

Coming soon to Cult Nails - it's this amazing one coat black creme Nevermore!  This will be launching in September along with the 5 new "toppers" or color changing top coats that Maria hinted about back in May 2012.  Right now, you can sign up for Gloss 48 for free and get 3 of the new toppers as well as many of your other Cult Nails favorites for only $7.  Fortunately, Nevermore is one of the colors on sale right now, so I have to show you how awesome this is.  

I used a base of Cult Nails Get It On, one coat of Nevermore and no top coat.  Yes, I have Cult Nails Wicked Fast but frankly, you don't need it.  Maria put something magical into this polish so that it dries to a super shiny finish - not rubbery, not matte, no shimmer... perfect.  While I love my cheap Sephora black, it's hard to find.  I love my CND Blackjack, but it's also hard to find.  Cult Nails?  Shop online and shipped with reusable cotton balls for packaging?  Fun times.

I have to apologize for the far away photos.  I was using my DSL camera to try and get some good pictures for Gloss 48, and well - I still need to learn how to use it.  Plus I want to buy a macro lens and well - I need to save some pennies up for that one (like 30,000 of them).

Look how amazingly shiny this polish is!  And opaque?  Oh yeah buddy.

To consistently have a one coat black creme for just $10?  Sold.  I'm sure this will be the second polish that I use until it's empty (the first being my CND Blackjack).  Love love love!  I'm a Cultie!

For your first look at the Color Altering Top Coats, please check out the post here written by moi on The Glossy Pages.  I'll be writing about them too but check it out on Gloss48... the sale only lasts until August 31st!

Cult Nails [Website | Facebook | Twitter | Blog | Instagram: CultNails] is available in their shop for $12 a bottle.

Disclosure: The product[s] in this post was [were] provided to me by the company for consideration.  For more information, please read this post.