Nail Files: Katie in the Dog House Breakdown

Image Courtesy of TV Guide Network Facebook Page
In the second episode, which was also premiered on August 19th, Katie is still reeling from the Lisa Foot Scrub incident, but wait, there's SO much more!

In The Salon
Seriously Lisa?  When your boss could be sued for your actions, you seriously need to eat your pride and shut your mouth.  But this is reality tv, and she has a camera to listen to her.  Thankfully, the client felt better when she got home so crisis averted.  But Lisa is still all hopped up after Anna changed her schedule "and flavoring her friends" and is now mouthing off... again.  If your boss says you're like sand in your girly bites - well... let's say that's not what you want on your resume.

Meanwhile, Katie has decided to name a Sunday Manager for the hair salon (Joyce) and is met with blank stares.  Granted, it was pretty unexpected but she finally says thank you but the deer in the headlights look made for some awkward tv.  Please don't blow it, but I'm sure you will.  (Great.)

To celebrate her 3rd year of the Painted Nail, and to launch the hair/makeup bar, Katie decides to throw a party and how!  Katie has some crazy ideas but that's what party planners are for (even if they want to take $14,000 of your money).

Celebrity Sighting!
None this week.

In Katie's Life
Sad news, Sugar crossed the Rainbow Bridge in between season 1 and 2, and Katie's other dog Pookie is feeling the loss.  Walter and I are on the same page... let's get rid of the dog entirely.  Katie however, wants to go rescue another dog.  MAJOR props and thank yous for adopting instead of paying a breeder - Katie, you did good there.  While Walter is busy with business, Katie and her BFF Amy of Brown Sugar (nom amazing cookies & cupcakes nom) go and adopt the freakin' dog.  Walter is ticked.

A little foreshadowing - Katie will be working (and judging!) a kid pageant soon, and she's so ridiculously excited.  Somehow, I don't think Toddlers & Tiaras will be wanting to showcase her anytime soon and yet at the same time, I could see Katie having a pageant for dogs.  They are planning to take Katie's smartcar which is currently being wrapped in Painted Nail pretties.  I love smartcars.  I saw my first one in Europe back in 2005 and was obsessed.
Beep beep! The original smart fourtwo in Europe.

The Mish Mash
When Walter said being at the shelter was like being in a Sarah McLachlan commercial, I actually spit out my drink.

While Katie was talking to Anna about Lisa, I noticed two words on her computer... the first was Kowtow and the second was Wattle.  I don't know if Katie is doing a word of the day or what, but I feel more educated now.  Kudos.  And Namaste.