Layla Cosmetics Fall-Winter 2012

Image Courtesy of Y! PR
It's no secret that I love the nail polishes that come from Layla Cosmetics and that I wish we could get their other lines of cosmetics in the USA, so I was super excited to check them out at Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas again this year.  Once again, Connie and Paula from Luxcon Group (the USA distributors of Layla) were on hand to show all the new lines coming in from Italy, but the big surprise was that Babila Spagnolo, Product Manager for Layla Cosmetics and Tatiana Elleboro (also with Layla Cosmetics) were also there!  It was great meeting Babila and Tatiana and of course seeing Connie and Paula.

Myself and Babila

So, what's new for Layla this year?  Well, first off, major congratulations for winning the Discover Beauty Award for 2012!
A beautiful crystal cube, which didn't want to photograph against anything but black...
But really, let's get to the new lines!  First, somehow I totally missed that 6 new Hologram holographic polishes are launching this fall.
Photo courtesy of Y! PR
I also somehow missed the Mirror Effect display, which are super high shine chrome like polishes. 

But I did see that new Magneffect magnetic colors and four new magnets are on their way!  The heart looks so cute!  This brings the total of Magneffect polishes to 24!

Next is something that I thought was awesome.  First let me say that I love matte polish but I hate how it chips so fast, and if you add a top coat, the matte is gone and you're left with shiny polish.  Layla has the answer.  It's called Softouch and it's the look of matte, without the chipping and a top coat will not alter the matte look!

Here is Babila wearing Ceramic on 2 fingers (shiny) and the Softtouch on the others.  She used a top coat on all fingers shown, but the top coat does not alter the Softouch polish!

Oh but there's more!  Let's take Magneffect and cross it with Softouch and you have my new favorite.  Magneffect Softouch!
I will have swatches coming up.  The following lines will be available in Ulta come fall 2012.  I also found out at Cosmoprof that Ninja Polish sells Layla on their website as well!

For Christmas this year, Layla has a selection of current polishes, laid out in the Christmas in Laylaland display.

Dancing With the Stars, The Butterfly Effect, Killing Red, Green Galaxy and Space Cowboy

How awesome is that purple?!  I feel like it's a lot like Cult Nails Unicorn Puke, but I'll have to do a comparison to find out.  I think Unicorn Puke has more flakie colors in it though.

Layla Cosmetics [Website (Italian)/Website (English) | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube] can be purchased in Ulta Stores or online at Ninja Polish.