Nail Files: Foot Scrub Cocktail Breakdown

Image Courtesy of TV Guide Network Facebook Page
She's baaaaaaaack!  Katie Cazorla, owner of the Painted Nail in Sherman Oaks, California, is back for another season of her reality show Nail Files.  And I'm back with your episode breakdown.  (By the way, I know I never did the season finale of last season.  I was in denial that the show might be over so I refused to do a review.  When I heard that season 2 was officially ordered, someone had deleted it from my DVR.  I blame the cat.)

Now, not-really-a-spoiler alert, I got the opportunity to pre-screen this episode before it aired and let me tell you, I was laughing on the couch.  In fact, it was so good, that the fiance even stopped to watch it (and that's saying something, although I've gotten him to watch Teen Mom and Toddlers & Tiaras with me before too!).  Anywho here's what happened on Season 2, Episode 1 titled "Foot Scrub Cocktail."

In The Salon
So Katie decided to hire a brand new staff to help her with the salon.  Did someone call Tabatha?  She also got rid of the boutique she had next door (slight boo from me over here only because I heard she might carry GingerKittyDesigns there), added a hair salon and makeup bar and HELLO - she's working on a new location in Miami, Florida?! Um, time for me to go to Florida again.

By the way, Katie has two Annas now - Anna the Manager and Anna the Assistant.  I'm okay with her calling them AM and AA.  Just saying.

Lisa.  Oh Lisa.  You get your own paragraph.  Lisa is a Class C... for Crazy.  Not only does she constantly want to be the center of attention, but the girl doesn't understand that vegan and organic DOES NOT MEAN EDIBLE.  So yes, she feeds a client some foot scrub, and duh, the client gets sick.  When we had dinner with Katie, we told her we wanted a margarita minus foot scrub.  I thought Katie was going to throw nail polish at us.  ^_^  Lisa looks like she's going to be a bundle of trouble this season, so she may have her own subtitle in my breakdowns.  However, Anna the Manager should have jumped off her chair and said "OH HELL NO, we don't feed the clients foot scrub."

Celebrity Sighting!
This week's celeb was Marissa Jaret Winokur from Hairspray.  She's almost 40 (yes, 40!) but she looks absolutely amazing.  Although I have to say, I do not have nail polish on my 5 year old son but hey, rock on Marissa.  (In case you missed Marissa being pregnant, you didn't really.  They had a surrogate and Zev Isaac was born in July 2008.)

In Katie's Life
I had no idea that she had been with Walter for 7 years, but I hope that one day I get to meet him - you can see the love he has for her!  The ASCAP awards were the center of Katie's episode, and while she may not know exactly what it stands for, she knows it writes his checks and she'll let him Ascap that ass later.  (Thanks Katie, you always were punny.)

As with many photographed celebrities, Katie needs a new dress for the event and after a ridiculous "dress" fitting with a definitely now-unemployed stylist named Sam, Katie finds the perfect dress from Sassy.  At least my closed captioning thinks his name was Sassy.  I feel like Katie was calling him Sessy though.  Either way, they go, and it's a grand time.  Well, Walter may have some cold feet for the red carpet but Katie's a professional - she can lead the way.  

The Mish Mash 
Looks like this is going to be a crazy season - from the expansion, to the staff, Katie's life, and as I told you before, there's going to be a whole new Painted Nail coming from bottle designs to colors!