Nail Files: Pageant Crowns & Glitter Showdowns Breakdown

Image Courtesy of TV Guide Network Facebook Page
Now I'm caught back up!  The episode that aired tonight was definitely one I was looking forward to... Katie is going to be at a beauty pageant for kids!  (Judging AND doing some free manicures!)

In The Salon
So where is the staff?  Lisa's father-in-law's had a stroke, Joyce is late (uh manager, what? Blame others, what?).  I'll tell you from this side, when my nail tech is running late, I'm not happy about it either.  Instead of just owning up, she gives Anna crap, and wants to quit.  Seriously?  Here's a life tip - nothing in life is "fair".  Deal with it.

Celebrity Sighting!
None this week.

In Katie's Life
Katie does it again and gets Walter to accept her new fur baby, Dolce.  I can't say too much - I got my "I don't want cats" fiance to agree to 6 indoors cats at the moment.  (Don't judge, I have a large house and 2 are just here temporarily.)  However, he's freaking out over the new dog that is poo'ing everywhere and he's trying to work.  Here's where the tv show and real life, start to blur.  That wasn't "made for tv fun" - that was a serious wall being breached and I feel bad that the cameras were rolling.  Thankfully, they were able to hash it out over the phone and are still totally in love.  I love watching them.

Meanwhile, Katie and Amy are going to be heading to Sin City, I mean Las Vegas, in her new wrapped smart car from for the pageant.  Katie rocks the night away in a VIP suite, with sparkly dresses, boys, and shots.  Okay, maybe it's the douche crew trying to feed her fruit... He didn't even know who Katie was - just probably saw the camera crew and got excited.  The day before the pageant, Katie decides to do some free manicures, but I'm shocked she brought colored polish... in the pageant world, it's all about stripper nails - Um, I mean French manicures.  She got told when a woman pulled out a nailene art kit and then a guy "with 9 pounds of makeup on" wants white tip, no glitter.  I feel like I'm in a bad comedy.  Doesn't help that he calls her a b***h to her face and plenty of times off camera.  

I'm kinda irritated that the actual judging won't be until next week... TV Guide, I want hour long episodes.  Got it?  Good.

The Mish Mash
It's always fun when Katie can talk about blow and porn in a tv show.  I have yet to see her comedy routine but I'm thinking it's pretty blue.  And that's Katie - she's business when it's time to talk business but when she's having fun - it's a freakin' riot.

Additionally, Katie, I'm going to steal your sparkly purple Louboutins.  I know you're like a size 5, and I'm a 8.5 but I'll Cinderella-wicked-step-sister my foot into that thing.  DO WANT.