Nail Art - Artistic Expression?

I got this press release in my email and point blank, I was a bit confused and also strangely interested.  Nail art.  We're awesome.  Also shout out to ChalkBoardNails - I recognized her nails immediately!  SERIOUSLY SERIOUS.  Please enjoy the following from PBS Arts.

The latest episode of PBS Arts’ weekly Web series, ‘Idea Channel’ – a program that looks at modern creative enterprises and compares them with artistic movements throughout history – focuses on nail art. According to host Mike Rugnetta, nail art can actually be viewed as an argument in the continuing battle between art and craft.

For as long as art has existed, it has lived alongside other activities that are thought to be creative pursuits, but are considered more functional and lacking in higher meaning. The ongoing argument between art and craft comes down to what the beholder considers to be a “serious idea”, but nail art can transcend that line – to some, the time and thought required of some designs can, at times, go beyond basic craftmaking and push this creative pursuit into the realm of artmaking.