Before I left for Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas last month, I was contacted by SHE by SO.CAP.USA about a possible meeting with their Director of Sales & Marketing, Joe Guzman.  Even though I'm mainly a nail blogger who dabbles a bit in makeup and skin care, I have a secret passion for hair, so I said I'd love to meet up with Joe.  First off, the man is super passionate about what he does - and that right there is so welcoming of a brand.  He had lots of great information and tips, and loved showing his product to me.  I also got this massive catalog, filled with rich artistic photos and great product pictures, which I will be passing on to a local salon because SHE by SO.CAP.USA is a professionals only product.

SO.CAP originally started in Naples, Italy and came into the USA just five years ago.  They offer strand by strand cold fusion application as well as clip ins.  They have 91 different colors of extensions, all 100% human hair.  They claim to have the most gray colors, the most curly styles, the most wavy styles and the longest hair extensions in the market.  Because they keep two year's worth of inventory in stock, and they ship the day after you order, your extensions arrive super fast.  Extensions come in packets of 10 to 100, and the strand by strand method will last 5-6 months with proper care.

They also offer strands with authentic Swarovski crystal, adding a new dimension of creativeness and color, called the Crystal Line.  I couldn't help but love it for the name but also how beautiful the crystals looked.

The other product that really caught my eye were the "hairpieces".  They are extensions bundled up in a ponytail that wrap around your own ponytail'ed hair and bobby pin into place.  They can add instant straight (Dea) or wavy (Jana) length to your hair in a variety of colors.

Sampling of the wilder colors of SHE by SO.CAP - all 100% human hair!
Some of the more "normal" of the 91 colors.

They also have a line off Argon products called Argan For You which includes a shampoo, mask (conditioner), cream and oil spray.  I'm still new to this world of Argon oil, so I can't talk much about it.

The last thing that Joe wanted to talk about was the Pink Hair for Hope charity, in which they have helped raise $2.3 million for the American Cancer Society.  SHE by SO.CAP donates pink hair to salons, salons donate their time and labor, and the net proceeds go to the ACS.  Britney Spears wore pink hair by She by SO.CAP.USA in her music video "I Wanna Go" (and if you saw the video, you know how vibrant her hair was!).

So!  Where can you find strand by strand cold fusion or clip in extensions from SHE by SO.CAP.USA?  By calling their Customer Service line located on the top of their web page and asking for a salon near you.  If you are a salon interesting in carrying SHE by SO.CAP.USA, you may also contact them through their website.  They are committed to teaching stylists proper fusion techniques via their 20 regional offices where salons can become certified in the product.  They also have telephone "help lines" to answer any technical questions or to offer personalized advice.  They will even customize their pamphlets with your salon's information on the back panel so you can share with your clients and clients-to-be about the services that SHE by SO.CAP.USA offers, from the hair pieces, to the crystal line, clip ins, Argan For You, other accessories and of course the strand by strand cold fusion.