Barielle Style in Argyle

Oh, is it fall yet?  Since I started blogging, I've noticed myself looking at women's hands and feet for their nail polish and one thing I've noticed is that I'm a little tired of pink.  That being said, I have TONS of pink polish, but that's another story.  Barielle has just released their Fall 2010 Collection titled "Style in Argyle", an autumn apparel-inspired polish.  Now while I don't actually own any argyle, I do like the way it looks.

The collection includes the following colors:
Cashmere or Loose Me is a soft brown with copper pearl
Tight Knit is a purple brown creme
Aura Angora is a royal gold creme
Unraveled Rust is a burnt rust creme
Wool You Marry Me?  is a plum brown creme and
Cowl of the Wild is a mushroom taupe creme.

Taupe is HOT this fall, I would definitely recommend that one.  Aura Angora was a surprise to me - a royal gold?  It's a break from the bright neon yellows we saw this summer, but I'm wondering if it will be "warm" enough for fall.

Barielle is big 3 free and something I hadn't noticed before on their releases, it is pregnancy safe.  Not that I'm pregnant (or planning on getting that way until my son is like... 10 haha), but it's good to know which companies can state that.  ^_^

Barielle [official website] retails for $8/bottle.