OPI My Private Jet

Just a quick, down and dirty post because I was listing my nail polishes on my spreadsheet and had one of those heart stopping moments.

On my recent hauling trip, I found not one but 2 different bottles of OPI My Private Jet.  One had a definite teal flash to it, the other had a bronzy-red flash to it.  I couldn't remember which was which as far as the so far 4 different versions I've heard of My Private Jet, but I bought them both without question.  Tonight, I couldn't help but just slap it on (no base or top coat) to see the different.

On my index and middle fingers are my bronzy-red flashed MPJ and on my ring and pinky fingers is the teal flash MPJ.
Do I actually have an original bottle of MPJ?  I have no idea.  I'm so lost on it all.

I can't wait to get this color out in the sun.

Some blur to show the glitter holo going on.  Stay tuned or leave me a comment if you think you know!  (Because I don't!)