Polish Organizing (and stuff)

So I finally opened my polish racks today (that came in August 2nd) and one was smashed on 2 shelves.  :(  I'm working with UPS and the seller to fix this because at $70 a piece, this is no bueno.  I may be able to use super glue?  But I'd much rather not.  I've already been talking to my Dad (who is still in the hospital) about building a table for my polish racks but he wants to make a whole elaborate piece of furniture on wheels... oh geez.  So for now, they are all sitting on my dining room table.

Oy.  I'm also still in painting, so that's why my "white" wall is actually two toned (paint and primer).

I think I'm going to organize by brand and then by color.  I really like having them all by color because then I can look at dupes but I like having them by brand because the bottle sizes all line up.  I'm weird, I know it.

Here's the current list of my polishes (also available on my sidebar) - listed are how many bottles of that brand and then the brand.  I don't have my base/top/matte coats listed except for ManGlaze, but eventually I'm going to do those too.


2       10
2       A Beautiful Life
3       American Apparel
6       Barielle
6       Bon Bons
1       Borghese
1       Chanel
41     Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics
225   China Glaze
7       Claire's
8       CND
6       Color Club
2       Confetti
2       Cover Girl
4       Dusty Round
1       Dusty Square
37     e.l.f.
5       Essie
2       FingerPaints
2       Hot Topic
1       Illamasqua
5       Jolly Rancher
2       Loreal Paris
1       Love My Nails
2       M.A.C.
4       ManGlaze
3       Milani
1       N.Y.C.
1       Natural Glow
18     Naughty Nailz
1       Nfu-Oh
22     OPI
3       OPI (Nicole)
8       OPI (Sephora)
3       Orly
1       Piggy Paint
6       Piggy Polish
4       Pure Ice
1       Rescue Beauty Lounge
1       Sally Girl
23     Sally Hansen
4       Savvy
5       Sinful Colors
2       Spa Ritual
2       Sula
14     Urban Decay
12     Wet n Wild
51     Zoya

And with China Glaze coming out with a whole 12 piece set for Christmas and then 12 pieces in the Spring with Anchors Away, well - let's say I'm going polish nuts.  I'm also really wanting to get some Nubars and Nfu-Ohs but my wallet is begging me to wait.  I'm supposed to close on my house tomorrow (it was supposed to be today), but things have been crazy.  Thanks for reading and I'm looking to get some swatches done now that I have my polish out again!