Urban Decay Book Of Shadows III: Urban Decay Hearts NYC

Aside from nail polish, I'm absolutely in love with eye shadow, more specifically, Urban Decay [official website].  On top of owning 12 of their pigments, a Stardust (Retrograde), a Deluxe (Sting), and all 3 tints of Urban Decay Primer Potion (Original, Sin and Eden), I also have 5 of their boxes -  Eyeshadow Ammo Shadow Box, Deluxe Shadow Box, Sustainable Shadow Box, Book of Shadows II and yes, I own the NAKED palette too.  I've been following them both on Facebook and Twitter and have some exciting news about their new Book of Shadows III: Urban Decay Hearts NYC.

First the actual press release:
On Saturday, August 28th, from 1-9pm, Urban Decay’s Eric Jimenez, Worldwide Retail Sales Director & International Make-Up Artist, is introducing Book of Shadows Vol. III, at Sephora’s infamous Times Square locale (1500 Broadway, #304, New York, NY 10036). A tribute to NYC, for a one day, sneak-peek event, only 1,000 pieces of the limited-edition Book of Shadows Vol. III will be available for purchase exclusively at this store, on a first come first served basis.  Eric and his team of ‘A-List’ artists are offering makeovers as well as sharing tips and tricks created specifically for the NYC non-stop, glam-and-go lifestyle. Get ready to camp out!  The coveted palette doesn’t even launch on UrbanDecay.com until after Labor Day, and will not be available in-store at Macy’s, Sephora, and Ulta, until October 1st!  The first 200 die-hard Urban Decay fans will receive a limited-edition Urban Decay t-shirt with their consultation.  Tell your boss you are taking a ‘face’ day!  Secure your place in line to get Urban Decay’s Book of Shadows Vol. III before anyone else in the world!
When:       Saturday, August 28th
                1 – 9PM
Where:      Sephora Times Square
                1500 Broadway, #304
                New York, NY 10036

I'm not near New York and I already saw it would cost me $226 for a flight there (which heck is ALMOST worth it, haha) but maybe one of my readers will be lucky enough to go and be there!

I also received promo pictures from Urban Decay of this awesome book.
Some of the colors are re-releases but overall, I'm pretty happy with the selection.  Also included are the 24/7 Eyeliner pencils in Zero (black) and Ransom (purple) which sadly (?) I already own both in a full size and also a mini Urban Decay Primer Potion (a must, in my book) in the original color.  Did you hear that Urban Decay is FINALLY changing the bottle size from the genie to something else?  I'm still waiting on that release.

I'm looking forward to picking this up but I'm going to wait a little while I think.  I'm not sure how pre-orders work for this product, but if I get more information, I will let you know.