Deborah Lippmann Preview and Haul

So Monday and Tuesday I got to drive out of town to cities that actually have malls.  I was giddy.  I also did what any self-respecting person who just bought a house does... I bought a lot of makeup and nail polish.

On top of getting the new Urban Decay NAKED palette, and the Kat Von D True Romance palette and one of her discontinued lip glosses, a Sephora lipgloss on sale, Givenchy Pop Gloss Crystal as well as 4 new MAC pigments, I got a TON of nail polish.

  • Claire's Mood Polish "Flirty/Shy"
  • Claire's Mood Polish "Bored/Excited"
  • Claire's Mood Polish "Silly/Awesome"
  • Claire's Matte Top Coat
  • Claire's Hollywood
  • Claire's Starstruck
  • Chanel "Paradoxal"
  • OPI (Sephora) "Club Scene Queen"
  • OPI (Sephora) "Just A Little Dangerous"
  • OPI (Sephora) "And Then He Said"
  • OPI (Sephora) "Sparkle Me Silver Top Coat"
  • 2 bottles of Color Club "Revvvolution" (And I swear one looks more holographic grey and the other looks less holographic black)
  • Color Club "Ruby Slippers"
  • OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
  • OPI Top Coat
  • OPI "Ink"
  • OPI "My Private Jet" (red/brown flash holo)
  • OPI "My Private Jet" (teal flash holo)
  • China Glaze "Tease"
  • China Glaze "OMG" (back up bottle)
  • Sephora la French manicure (all in French, it was on sale)
  • Deborah Lippmann "Happy Birthday"
  • Deborah Lippman "Bad Romance"
  • Deborah Lippman "Across the Universe"
  • Deborah Lippman "Ruby Red Slippers"

Now my math isn't exact but I paid about $7 a bottle for each one if I averaged it out.  Obviously my Lippmanns and Chanel were more in the $20 range, but I was still happy overall.

Well, I did have one problem.

This was my first time in a Nordstrom.  It was VERY hot (about 104 degrees) outside and my son was ready for a nap.  I was tired myself as well, so I wanted to get in, buy my stuff, and get out.  First I looked around but then a saleslady (Chelly, in case she's reading) stopped me and asked if I needed help.  Oh yeah, I did.  She took me to an end counter that had the Lippmanns and she was able to spot Happy Birthday right away and had a bottle of Ruby Red Slippers in a drawer.  However, I was out of luck for Bad Romance and Across the Universe, which I wasn't surprised.  What DID surprise me is that she told me that she could order them online and I could come pick them up.  I explained that I lived 150 miles away so she told me "No problem, we can ship them for free."  Like I'm going to say no to that.  So she placed the order for me, I paid, and I was out the door.  This was Tuesday afternoon.

Due to all the real life situations I'm dealing with (PS: Dad got out of the hospital yesterday but now my Mom has torn a muscle in her rotator cup), I haven't had a chance to check anything out that I bought.  Then, this afternoon (Thursday), I received a box from Nordstrom.  Believe it or not, it was my polish.  Okay, let me just rave about this for another moment... I was able to get 2 HTF Lippmanns, shipped to my home in a whole 2 day turn around.  Yeah, I'm in awe and love right now.

However, I wasn't in love when I opened my bottle of "Happy Birthday".  Or at least, I tried to open it.  The top was nearly glued on, and I noticed that some of the product was obviously missing.  Not a ton, but enough for me to say "This is NOT a full bottle."  I didn't notice it when I purchased the bottle, but after it sat upright in its package for 2 days, it settled into the bottle.  I finally pried to bottle open to find that there was lacquer all inside the top of the bottle and caked on the outside of the bottle.  I wasn't too happy.  I called the main Nordstrom line on my receipt and explained the situation to the CS rep who answered.  She then transferred me to Samantha (in case she's reading, HI!) who spent the next 30 minutes making me a happy woman.

First, she is sending me out a brand new bottle, but she did have to charge me for it.  This is a little new to me, but because I paid in cash, and in order for me to get my product sooner than later, we went this route.  I'm going to be printing a label from their website and packing up the polish to go back to their warehouse.  I didn't confirm, but I'm sure it's postage paid.  Then when the warehouse receives my damaged polish, they will credit back my debit card for the new polish.  Originally, they wanted to send me a gift card, but I wasn't too happy with that because again, this is only my first time shopping at this store and being so far away, I'm not going to get to go anytime soon.  Plus I'd rather have the cash back now.  Samantha was awesome to get it all worked out so that I'd get my cash back (well, on my debt card) instead of a gift card or having to go through tons of hoops.  Very happy about that.  She also told me I could call any time to place an order with her.  Interestingly enough, Chelly had told me the same thing and given me her business card.  I feel rather happy with that kind of customer service.  I work in the same field (just different product), and it's been nice to have a great experience back.

SO I wanted to get some quick swatching of my Lippmanns that I'm keeping before the sun went down.  I will be swatching in full but here's a down and dirty.
(1) Yes, they are as hard to photograph as everyone has said.
(2) The opacity is not fun.  This was 4 coats of each product.  No base coat, but I did use Seche Vite to top.
(3) The hexagon glitter wouldn't stay for me.  You'll see on Bad Romance that I got ONE PIECE of hexagon glitter.  Grr.

Now for these photographs.  It's Bad Romance, Ruby Red Slippers, Across the Universe

One piece of glitter.  Grr.

Like I said, full swatches to come - and of course "Happy Birthday" when I get it!  ^_^