A Beautiful Life Juiced

The other color I received from A Beautiful Life is their new colored Juiced which they call an intense orange creme.  However, I have to call it a neon because it was screaming orange that dried matte.  

I used a base coat of Dermelect Launchpad, 3 coats of Juiced, and left it without a top coat because of the matte finish.  The formula was also nice but I did still have a bit of VNL after 3 coats.  The first time I did my manicure, I got a phone call immediately after and while holding my phone to my ear, my hair smeared the polish everywhere.  I had to take it off and try again.  Up first is my sun picture.
See what I mean about a neon instead of a creme?  It looks a little red in this picture but to me it seems a bit more orange.

In the shade you can see that it's definitely a glowing color.  I like it a lot!  You can also see that I smudged my ring finger a bit and you can see the VNL as well.  I still really enjoyed this color as it's definitely a hot summer color.

A Beautiful Life is available on their website [official store] for $12 a bottle.